Are You Ready To Attract The Maximum Number Of Patients During AOM Day?
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The 10 Essential AOM Day Tools You Need To Attract More Patients And Spread The Word About Your Practice For AOM Day

Hi it’s Jeffrey Grossman,

In honor of all your hard work and to help you maximize your AOM Day, here’s what I’m giving you in this free toolkit:

  • The Complete AOM Day Outreach Kit
  • Personalize Your Own AOM Day Poster
  • AOM Day Gift Certificates To Attract Patients
  • The “Call To Action” Promotional Postcard
  • Customized AOM Day Brochure
  • Pre-Written AOM Day Patient Awareness Articles and Letters
  • Acupuncture and Dry Needling Report For Patients
  • Preventing No-Shows By Michelle Grasek
  • Networking For Introverts Worksheet
  • 3 Free Chapters Of The Breakthrough Book, “Missing The Point”

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